RWC Tour Home – Cottage Kitchen

Roswell Womans Club

Design Goal:
To create a fresh inviting space in a 100 year old cottage in need of cosmetic changes on a budget. To create space for dining, relaxing and enjoying cooking within approximately 300 square feet.
Small space, 7.5 foot ceilings, dated interiors, small budget, ill placed lighting fixtures, little natural light, need to make a big impact
Designer’s Role:
To provide recommendations for selection of countertops, backsplash, appliances and sink for a 100 year old cottage within budgetary restrictions. Designer custom designed many of the furnishings to accommodate maximum seating and areas for entertaining. The window treatment fabric was custom designed and the illusion of higher ceilings was created by the use of a fabric wall. Art and lighting were effectively arranged around the room to bounce color and reflective surfaces.
The Result:
The result is a fresh mix of rustic and modern charm infused with nature inspired furnishings and accessories. The updated countertops, backsplash and appliances provide a timeless space to enjoy for another 100 years.

Interior Design