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Karran Gloer is a freelance Interior Design Consultant and Writer, and the creator and Founder of Simply Stylish Life. Her past life includes Interior Design, a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser, mortgage loan officer, and the banking industry. She attended Vanguard School of Interior Design and studied psychology and art in college. A lifelong style lover, it was only a matter of time before Karran devoted herself fully to her true passion: Simply Stylish Life was born.
She is the wife of a financial innovator and mother of two incredible boys. Karran has turned her talent and education into her passion to create, inspire, and help others. Inspired by the world around us, she has created a style of her own. Through her experience as an interior designer, Karran began making a connection between design and lifestyle and the deeper relationship to how we feel. She realized that style encompasses more than just the fabrics on our furniture but is the core of our essence, woven by the thread of our lives. We should feel good about every choice we make. She founded Simply Stylish Life as a way to educate and inspire others to live the Simply Stylish Life. Her desire is to facilitate a community of Simply Stylish People by being mindful of our choices and surrounding ourselves with beauty, comfort and harmony.

Karran’s design philosophy is based on the meaning behind what we choose to put around us, or choose to wear, or choose to eat. Making mindful, well informed choices in colors, fabrics, and textures as well as the origination of our goods allow us to live Simply Stylish-ly.

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